Empowering sisterhood

"It's very common that if a man is doing wrong, then the wife goes to the sister and she's very anxious, and she becomes very upset about it. She goes all out to correct her brother. And this innate understanding exists within us. In every person, whether you are born in America or anywhere, that if the brother is doing the wrong thing, if he is smoking, if he is doing wrong things, more than the mother, the sister feels it, more than the mother, the sister wants that it should be corrected, and she goes all out, to fight it out. Mother may start crying, weeping, give up, but the sister will go on fighting her brother. In her, all efforts, she will see to it that the brother comes around. Also, other things like, if the brother is doing something illegal, something wrong, something which is detrimental to the society, it is the sister, who has a right, divine right, to go and correct."

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi - 7 August 1990, extract from Raksha Bandhan Puja talk, Los Angeles, USA.