Can anybody get their realization?

Yes most of you can. I mean I would not say I can give realization to Hitler. That 'anybody' means even Hitler will stand before Me and say that ''I will shave my moustache now give me''. That’s too much for Me. You must see truthfully, honestly your own preconceived ideas about yourself, then God says, ''Alright go ahead, try your luck''. But if you think that you haven’t yet found out and that you have to see, then, if you’re humble about it it works out. It does, I think in the west all those that came to Me got Realization except for one who is not married, doesn’t believe in marriage, who doesn’t think that women are anyway good or something like that. But he will also get married and get his realization.

​Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi February 10, 1982 ( 1983 ? ) "Questions and Answers About America" New Delhi, India

( From the DCB Publication : One Hundred Questions - Answers to Calm Our Greatest Concerns )