India and America: Seeking & Finding

​Man - The west has received from India a lot of gurus and each with seemingly a different path and its believed in the west that all the paths lead to God. Many many people believe that it doesn’t matter how you go but you are going to get there. Is that what India has to contribute to the west, to the seekers of America?

Shri Mataji - India has to give the knowledge of the roots, while the west has the knowledge of the tree. But those who are exported from here I wonder how many of them are really genuine or they know anything about the roots. So I just can’t say that those that are going there are the people who can deliver the knowledge which is not yet known to the west. Whatever is unknown is not divine. To understand logically the difference between India and the west is this : that India has still retained the fundamentals as the goal of life and the fundamental is that one should get self realization, that one should try to lead a life of balance of dharma. Because there is so much of knowledge of the roots in this country, people can become very hypocritical. They can be very dishonest and can misuse that knowledge to exploit the western people who are naïve about this knowledge. My idea of bringing some of the sahaja yogi’s from the west to India, in the villages of India, was to make them understand that comfort is not the goal of life. Because we have villagers who are realized souls who do not have any comforts - which are so important to the western people - but are very happy, satisfied and peaceful people and are extremely good yogi’s. But that does not mean that you give up your comforts and you become godly. It’s all a mental behaviour if you think that be negation you can become godly. Is not the way. But when you come to India you understand that this habit of seeking comfort must be given up. If you have any it’s alright, but let not the comfort sit on your head. Let your spirit rule and not the idea that you should be comfortable or affluent.That idea should not rule you.​​

​​Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    February 10, 1982 ( 1983 ? )   "Questions and Answers About America"  New Delhi, India (From the DCB Publication : One Hundred Questions - Answers to Calm Our Greatest Concerns)