Krishna Puja Evening Program (2007)

(See video link below)

"I wanted to thank all of you for enjoying this wonderful music from different parts of America. And that shows Sahaja Yoga has a great chance – if it works out this way in America, it will work out everywhere… And it will give the peace and the joy of leading a spiritual life.

I’m so very happy to see all of you here, and all of you enjoying this very encouraging for Me and very supportive of Sahaja Yoga! I bless you all, all… from America and all lands. I’m told that you are from different countries, so all the people, I bless you!

We should know we are all one! There is no need to fight, or no need to argue. But let us enjoy the common thing, as we enjoyed this program tonight.

I hope you are comfortable here. (Shri Mataji is looking around Herself, watching the pendal.) I don’t know, I haven’t seen, I had no chance to see how your things are placed. But if you have any complains or any problem, please, let Me know. (Everybody bursts out laughing, applause; Shri Mataji is laughing, too; great applause, ‘Jay!’ Shri Mataji is laughing.)

Thank you very much! Thank you!"