Our Chakras are made of these Essences - the Subtle Movement

To work out many things of that kind we have to be deep people, we have to go much deeper within ourselves to touch our essences; at least, you know very well that all our chakras are made out of these essences, and when we go deep into ourselves what we find, that we can touch the elements very well. But while doing so, actually we move horizontally. When we start moving horizontally, at the core of it we find that there are these essences placed, and these essences then start exciting the essences across. Like in the radio you have seen, there's ether. Now when you speak on one side of the radio, it gets completely manifested in the essence of the ether, and then everybody can hear it. Now when you people just give a bandhan sometimes, you find that you have communicated with another person, but that's only the essence of the ether; we can say, the subtler of the subtlest. People have only gone on to the subtler side, we can say, by science; but you go to the subtler side, and that subtler side gives you all these effects.

1987-05-06 - The need to go deeper, Sydney, Australia