Normal Human Awareness

Yesterday I have told, quite elaborately, all the chakras and their names and their deities and all the three forces, but today I'm going to tell you what lies beyond these [lines ?]. Beyond the human awareness. Is a subject of psychology, you can say, though psychology is such a child's science and the knowledge is so limited. Because they are probing from outside. It's an objective knowledge in the sense that you come from outside and see for yourself. You grope at something and say this is this, then you grope at another thing and say this is this. You have heard the story of six blind men trying to understand an elephant. As I told you yesterday that there can be a method by which you can put the light on and one can see clearly the complete, the total picture of man. In this picture I've not been able to show that part but in the human mind, as you all know, there are different strata of consciousness. Now you are listening to Me, paying attention to Me, your Chitta is towards Me. This attention is the conscious mind, you know that, you are conscious of what I'm speaking. Moment to moment you are listening to Me. This present moment now, at this moment, this moment as it is, it's slipping. Is becoming the past and the future is coming inward. Every moment is disappearing and a new moment is coming. You cannot stop the present, you cannot stop your attention at present. Now, to be at this moment, you cannot think, that's the difficulty. You either think of the past or of the future, but you cannot think of the present, of this moment. So, we have our past and our future, in a simple way.

The past, they call it as subconscious mind. Subconscious mind, they call it as psyche sometimes. I don't know what do they mean by psyche, they are so confused. But we have a subconscious strata, in which we store all that we collect, experiences, conditionings, everything. This work is done by the left-hand side channel, known as Ida Nadi, which is worked by the power of MahaKali. Now this word should not shock all the English knowing scientists. This MahaKali power works with storing of all the experiences, all the thoughts that are coming to you from the present into the past, is done by MahaKali power. Thinking of the future, planning of the future, organizing the future is done by the right-hand side power of MahaSaraswati, which acts through the Pingala channel. In the gross form they are expressed left and right sympathetic nervous system. But for a doctor, both the systems act simultaneously, they are so interconnected that it is very difficult for them to verify two different functions which are allotted to them. Because the ways and methods are so gross. The left side attends to our emotional being, the lower left side to our physical, we can say psychosomatic side, the right side, the lower to our physical being and the upper right side to our thinking.

The center channel of Sushumna is a completely independent system which works out our sustenance. In the beginning, when a person wants to drink, he wants, all the parasympathetic activities are performed through the subtle action of this channel known as Sushumna and the power that acts is known as MahaLakshmi. This power evolves us, it gives us Dharma... is a sustenance. The complete periodic table, if you have studied chemistry, is amazingly organized. The carbon is placed as a tetravalent element, with four hands just like a Ganesha. I do not want to go into the details of the periodic table, but it is so well organized that every atom of every element has to have the last circle with eight protons, if there are less, or if there are more than four, they either become the negative or the positive element. What a tremendous planning it is. And when we say there is no God, we must understand such a tremendous planning could not have been achieved by just chance. It doesn't work out by that law of chance. All right forget about God, because suddenly if you talk of God the scientists get a shock. But he exists and these are his three powers, which perform these three actions in our being. By the first we build up our past, by the second we build up our future and by the center, the Sushumna Nadi we exist in the conscious mind.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   February 23, 1977  "Normal Human Awareness
"  India