Shiva: A Symbol of Satisfaction

This is a subject which you can only explain in Hindi language, which says that this Guru Padh you get from somebody else. But that somebody else is itself endowed with the power, the power of peace of mind, to begin with, and also the power to overcome all kinds of earthly problems, mental problems, physical problems. All these problems you can solve through your mental balance and mental blessings from your Guru. When you become the Guru, you yourself have the power, to bless others. With your blessing power you can create a guru out of many. And once the Guru is created and there is a Guru who has this power, it's very satisfying and is very [UNCLEAR: enabling?].

The satisfaction is so much that you don't want anything. This is the power of Shiva. You have seen Shiva doesn't have many clothes, He doesn't decorate Himself, He is just sitting in meditative mood, all the time. He doesn't want anything. He's so satisfied with Himself that He doesn't want anything. And that is the power you get after the Self-realization, if you have a Guru, and Guru of that level and caliber.

One should not try to become a Guru. That's very, impractical. If you try to become, you'll never. It has to come to you automatically, without any asking, without any effort. So the only way you can get to it is through Dhyana. Dhyana is meditation. When you meditate, just meditate, and meditate, do not ask for anything. Meditation itself gives you that instrument which can bear this great power of the Guru. And then you automatically, you give this power to others; you don't have to work it out. Just in your presence, people can get this power of complete satisfaction. And there is salvation, for you and for others.

So all the problems which are faced for the journey of ascent are finished and you are now drenched in the bliss of heavenly peace and joy. That's why it is called as Kaivalya, means only, only the blessings. See that means there is no other word to translate it. There's no other way of explaining it. It's a state. It's a Stithi. It's a state, in that state you have to rise and you know that you are in that state. It's a very remarkable thing, that once you reach that state you don't have to ask for anything. It's all there, and you are so satisfied. I can go on talking about this special power but I think whatever I have said please meditate on that. And you are all capable of reaching that state. That state of complete peace and joy. May God bless you.​​

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    February 15, 2004   MahaShivaratri Puja   Pune, India