Such a person who has this light of love, loves himself as well and emits love for others. I've been hearing about the way people used to torture themselves to become saintly. There's no need at all for Sahaja Yogis, at all, to torture themselves. But to be the light of a higher magnitude they have to be full of love and this love they get it from where? You may say it is from Me. It's true but the sap of the tree flows all over and all the tree must live together. Any leaf that wants to separate itself will die out. So it's the collectivity which is going to make you grow. Any ideas which you have,  of keeping yourself out, or preserving yourself out, or having your houses separate from the collectivity may be dangerous. The houses may be separate but they must be the houses of all the Sahaja Yogis. Anybody who comes to your house who is a Sahaja Yogi is owner of that house. That sort of a feeling should be developed. When the light you take out from one room to another room, it does not say 'This is my room so I'll give light, if I go to another room I will not give light.'

Now, light is absolutely detached. If you do not look after your light it will extinguish. You have to look after it till it takes its proper stand and once it takes a particular stand then you are a strong Sahaja Yogi. Then they see the light on your face and then you manifest light in their lives. This light, if you put finger on it, it will burn but the light of love never burns. It dissolves all that is bad, it rejects, it turns away from whatever that is wrong. It has patience and it expels the darkness. Darkness within and without.

- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  October 24, 1987  "The Light Of Love"  Diwali Puja  Lecco, Italy