What Diwali Means

Now you have to enlighten many lights. We call it "Deepawali". Diwali is Deepawali, means "the rows of lights". And by celebrating this Diwali with so many of you, I'm sure we'll have such a torch of light which will go round the whole world. Just remember you are not a small drop, now you have become the ocean and you have to spread. Now you are sitting on your thrones, and assume your powers. You have all the powers within you, you have to just manifest it. You have to just feel yourself, understand yourself, what is your responsibility. You've been asking for light, now you've got the light. You have become the light, now give light to others...

Now the celebration of Diwali should be that we carry the light all over the world and enlighten people, as many as we can. None of our private things, none of our own problems are important. So that is what it is, that we have to realize that we have got a certain position which no one has in this world. So once you understand, your own esteem goes up and you see for yourself what you have to do.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
October 25, 1992  
Diwali Puja  
Timisoara, Romania