Now about the Spirit. As I told you, the Spirit resides in your heart. It is the reflection of the aspect of God which you call as God Almighty or Sadashiva. Because God is one. But one person. Now, I'm one, but I'm a wife, a grandmother, I'm your Mother. I'm doing so many things. These are aspects of God. And God has got firstly, the aspect of love. By which He creates the power of His love, which is called as the Primordial Mother or the Adishakti. It is the same aspect, is represented in you as the Kundalini. You'll be amazed that even, even the Greeks knew about it. Because they called this bone as sacrum. Means the sacred bone. That means they knew that it was a sacred power there. Even, Athena, 'Atha' in Sanskrit means Primordial. And if you see the photograph of Athena or her statue, I've been to. I was so surprised. In Greece that they all speak [NOT CLEAR]. And She had this snake in Her hand representing the energy. When we see the snake, it is the energy. Not the devil or anything. But it's an energy. It moves like this and so she has the snake and also all the chakras in her hand and she's standing with a dress like that. That is Athena. It's very interesting. That place, the Delphi, and all that was so much revealing. And, that Delphi, they said is the Nabhi, is the navel of the whole universe. Which is true also. And lots of things, I saw there, which I've talked in a tape you can see for yourself. Now this Spirit is the aspect of God which is a witness - the God that witnesses the play of His love. The first of all is the state where we call it, it is Parabhrahma, where everything is just silent and sleeping. When we are sleeping, nothing exists for us. In the same way the whole thing like Parambrahma, the abstract, sleeps. Then, it comes to Its awaken state. Then It wants to - It gets the desire to create - out of love. So, this power of His love spreads around Him, accumulates and forms another entity called as the Holy Ghost or you can say the Parashakti or you can call it also as the Primordial Mother. She is the Holy Ghost. Now, when the breath takes place, there is a sound. And this sound is the logo, as you call it, the Spirit, that is the sound, is the divine integrated sound, not one sound. And that one is called as Omkara, which is the child, which is the child of this couple and that's how you get the Son of God."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  October 18, 1981  Public Program  Santa Cruz, Ca. USA