Seeking What?

No doubt, everyone will have to go through this process, but how many really want to be themselves? There are certain people who say, "We are seeking.''

When I ask them, "What are you seeking?" they say, "We are seeking joy, peace, happiness..." Some of them are worried if they are worthy of it or not, whether they should really know their Self or not.

There are two types of problems about such seekers: One which I call as "the left hand side problem" of the Ida Nadi, where the people are very emotional, subdued, who bear all the oppressions of others on themselves. They say, "We are unworthy of this great position, Mother. How can we get Self-realization? We are sinners. How can we be... that higher evolved souls, when we have sinned, when we have done wrong?" This is one type.

The another is the one who uses his rationality and he thinks, "How can it be possible? How can we get realization?" So many of them cannot believe that there could be a phenomena within us which works out Self-realization. They do not even understand that God is compassion, He is love. I wonder if such people of this category also really believe in God, in His all-powerful nature. They may have a photograph in their houses. If He's compassion, if He's love, then He's not going to allow His own creation to be destroyed by foolish human beings, by some foolish people. So both ways, one has to understand that every one of you will be exposed to His grace. But if you deny, if you do not want to get exposed, then even the compassion of God recedes; attention of God recedes from such people who do not want to receive the grace of God.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  October 23, 1978  " The Three Channels"  Public Program  Caxton Hall  London, UK