Vishuddhi: A Higher Center

I bow to all the seekers of truth. In my last lectures I've been telling you about these centers which are placed in the lower part of the body. Today I would like to cover the rest of the three centers which lie here, here and here. These are very important centers for human beings. When man as a human being raised his head up, this center established a new dimension. This center is called as Vishuddhi chakra. And this has got sixteen petals which manifests in the sympathetic or the para-sympathetic nervous system - sixteen plexuses, which looks after our eyes, nose, throat, and our tongue, our eyes, part of the eyes, and the whole expression of the face. When man is ego-oriented, he puts back his head like that. And when he's super-ego-oriented, he puts down his head like that.

This center is extremely important for human beings and for Sahaja Yoga, because the hands play a big part in Sahaja Yoga. To get a universal language we have to use our hands - that is the best, for say, for people who are blind, who are deaf and dumb, best thing for them is to use the hands. So these hands, though we express ourselves by moving fingers and gestures, are still not enlightened. When this center gets enlightened then these hands become enlightened, too. This center has two sides, one on the right and one on the left. The left-side center is caught up when a person feels guilty and obstructs the ascent of the Kundalini. That's why I always request all the Western seekers first to say in their hearts, "Mother, I'm not guilty." These are the conditionings that have come to us from so-called religions, from so-called psychologists, and other people who are responsible for our development in our childhood. When material things were very important for the parents, they all the time shout at children or correct them, saying that, 'Don't spoil the carpet, don't spoil that, don't spoil that.' And that is how we develop a kind of a guilt within us. When we grow up in the schools and colleges, this can be built up very heavily within us, too. Education has to be imparted to children with great love and understanding. There's a big feeling, especially with the people who are very developed that children must be controlled by brainwashing. But this brainwashing results in this funny trouble called guilt.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    September 30, 1982    Fourth Public Program    Vienna, Austria