Sakshi is Being a Witness

Our brain should become a sakshi, should become a witness, witness the play. You should not take anything as something extremely serious. When you look at things as sakshi swarupa, as something that you are watching, like a drama, you may for the time being feel that you are Napoleon, you are the one who is acting. But after some time the play is over, you know it's a play. So, to reach that state, you have to become thoughtlessly aware. Because we think from our brain, and this brain goes on thinking, thinking, creating a Maya, and playing into Maya. Now, here it is when you are a realized soul, you should see through the Maya. Everything that I am doing or you are doing, should be understood very well if you are really the reflection of Shri Krishna's brain. So, in your brain, there should be no worry, there should be no stress, there should be no problem, because you are just watching everything in thoughtless awareness. So, when you are in thoughtless awareness, means when your brain is just in the state of witness, you understand everything that is Divine.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  October 2, 1994  Shri Yogeshwara Puja  New Jersey, USA.