The False Prophet Epidemic

Do you know, when I came to America first, I saw such a horrible thing here, that people were running after some horrible gurus, and I never came - after nine years I came. Because I said, "These people are mad. How do they follow these horrible people? And why do they believe into them? They have no wisdom to understand what the truth is like." And it works out now today, you can see there are so many people here. 

So that is what is the wisdom part. And if this wisdom comes to Americans, they'll come to Sahaja Yoga; not only come, but they will grow into it. But the wisdom will be to see, "What are we going to do? What are we going to get? What is our aim?" All these things must be brought to them, which is not done normally. We must talk to them and must tell them, "What is within you is the Spirit. You should become the Spirit, every one of them has said so. So why not do that, and why not become the Spirit?" So then they will themselves feel, "Yes, that's true. It is said that you should become the Spirit." They'll go to church, they'll go to temples, they'll go here, there, so, not understanding why they are doing it. They need some sort of a protection, that's why they go. But this protection comes from your spiritual status. Where do you stand, as far as the Spirit is concerned? Those who have enjoyed the Spirit, I have seen, do not deviate from the right path. But those who haven't, they may call themselves Sahaja Yogis, anything, but they can be very wrong. 

So first of all find out about yourself. If you are a real Sahaja Yogi, if you really want to be a instrument of this power, then what you have to do is to become full of bhakti and shraddha for that. And this bhakti and shraddha is very joy-giving, I know it. It never makes you tired, it never troubles you, nothing; but it's very nourishing and beautiful. But it should be at the right place, with the right aims and right understanding. For all that what you need again is wisdom, and you should try to find out: are you wise enough? Are you wise, or are you not? It's very difficult for every human being to find out whether you are right or wrong, because you see the effects of this wisdom all around.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    October 27, 2002    Navaratri Puja    Lake Piru    Los Angeles, Ca.  USA